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Kurt Cobain 25 Year Anniversary – Paradox Play Nirvana

Kurt Cobain 25 Year Anniversary - Paradox Play Nirvana

Date: Sat 06th
Time: 9:00pm
€0.00 Free Gig
Crane Lane Theatre Phoenix Street, Cork City, Cork, Ireland +353 (0)21 427 8487

Cork based Alternative Rockers PARADOX are back at the Crane Lane, Cork for a 5th year in a row playing a full set of Nirvana tunes from Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero and beyond in memory of Kurt Cobain who passed away 25 years ago this April.

What started as a once off event in 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain has now turned into a regular event due to the popularity of the shows.

PARADOX also played to a jammed packed house at the 25 year anniversary of Nirvana’s legendary Cork gig at Sir Henry’s which took place on the grounds of the original venue now known as Deep South on Grand Parade.

Pro live footage of the show can be viewed from the Paradox YouTube page.

PARADOX were originally formed in 1997 by brothers Pete and Mike Mac. The early Paradox sound was heavily influenced by the Grunge Era of the 90’s. The band has shaped and evolved their sound over the years while still maintaining their Alternative Rock sound.
Paradox have released 4 studio albums to date. Their debut
album ‘Circle of Growth’ was recorded in Los Angeles in 2000 and
released on a US label. Their second album ‘Sacred’ was recorded and
released in 2004, ‘Corporate Pollution’ was released in 2011 and their
latest album ‘Chapters’ released in 2015. The band recently launched a new single and music video for track ‘All Life Matters’ which has been gaining momentum since it’s release including national Irish radio airplay on both 2fm and Today FM. A music video was also shot for the track which won ‘best music video’ at the Disappear Here Film Festival 2018 and was nominated at the Indie Cork Film Festival and the Kerry Film Festival. You can check out the music video here –
Although the music of Paradox has varied over the years their roots lie in the Grunge Era of the 90’s which all started with the music of Nirvana.

Nirvana exploded into the mainstream in 1991 after the release of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ from their multi platinum album Nevermind. Ironically Nirvana kicked off their European Tour right here in Cork on August 20th 1991. The gig took place in Sir Henry’s, a venue which closed its doors for the final time in 2003, and was headlined by Sonic Youth. Nirvana were virtually unknown at this point but it was only a matter of weeks after this show that the band snowballed after the success of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and became one of the world’s biggest bands, almost overnight. It has also recently been revealed that Kurt has direct roots from Cork as Kurt quoted himself :: “Actually it was Cobain, but the Coburns screwed it up when they came over . They came from Country Cork, which is a really weird coincidence, because when we toured Ireland, we played in Cork and the entire day I walked around in a daze. I’d never felt more spiritual in my life. It was the weirdest feeling and-I have a friend who was with me who could testify to this-I was almost in tears the whole day. Since that tour, which was bout two years ago, I’ve had some sense that I was from Ireland.” Nirvana popularized a subgenre of alternative rock which was labeled Grunge. The band reached a whole new generation and defined a new age in popular music throughout the 90’s. Nirvana was considered the flagship band of Generation X, and frontman Cobain found himself reluctantly anointed by the media as the generation’s “spokesman. Although Nirvana’s success and Kurt’s life was short lived they left behind a legacy of music, 3 full length studio albums, B-sides and much more..

Join PARADOX at the Crane Lane Theatre on Sat. April 6th as they remember Nirvana’s music and legacy for the 25 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain playing some Nirvana classics and many more.

Doors 9.00pm. Free Admission.