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Runaway Retros

Runaway Retros

runaway retros
Date: Tue 14th
Time: 11:30pm
€0.00 Free Gig
Crane Lane Theatre Phoenix Street, Cork City, Cork, Ireland +353 (0)21 427 8487
Formed in 2017 and featuring Colette -Vocals, Dave -Bass, John -guitar -Karl -drums and Dan -Sax
The members are highly experienced musicians and have in other guises, played Jazz Festivals in Ireland and abroad.
60’s Soul, 50’s jazz, 40’s swing, 30’s blues, 2010’s postmodern.


COLETTE // vocals

Actress, Playwright, Singer, Songwriter, Swing Dancer-  Colette’s natural home is the stage and her vocal style blends the gritty soul of Amy Winehouse with the penetrating clarity of tone of Dinah Washington. Her exuberant stage personality lends impact to each RUNAWAY RETROS show.

KARL // drums

In 4/5-piece mode, Top Pro Percussionist Karl, equally at home in Jazz and Rock  swings like crazy, testifying to that Retro Groove

JOHN // guitar/BV

Versatile lead guitarist and creative soloist, John has huge experience in Stage Shows /Recording/live performance and writes many of the musical arrangements for the band. His Blues/Jazz style guitarwork adds much to the signature sound of the band.

DAVE // double/electric basses/BV

Much travelled  musician with a background in Roots and Pop music, now based in Cork – Dave is a highly respected bassist with a driving rhythmic style. Also a Mandolin player,  Dave handles management of the band and – together with Colette and John – is a founding member of RUNAWAY RETROS

DAN // tenor/alto sax

In quintet lineup, Master sessionist and jazz sax supremo, Dan delivers  searing solos, firing up the band with that New Orleans mojo.