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Ternion ( Florida )

Ternion ( Florida )

Date: Tue 14th
Time: 11:50pm
€0.00 Free Gig
Crane Lane Theatre Phoenix Street, Cork City, Cork, Ireland +353 (0)21 427 8487

TERNION is a band of four musician-songwriters:  Rachel Hillman, Lauren Mullinax, Mike Lewis, and Jan DeCosmo.  Influenced by all styles of music, from pop to jazz, rock n’ roll to country, and R&B to reggae, this band reflects engaging diversity in their music.  Their genre might be termed “Americana.”  They perform covers as well as originals, and all four are natives of the South (South Georgia and Florida).

Lead guitarist and vocalist Rachel Hillman describes herself as “coffee fueled, and old-school cool.” Rachel fell in love with music at a young age singing hymns in church beside her grandmother.  Since that time, she has studied music in high school, college (at Florida State University), and on her own. She can also play piano, violin, steel pan, mandolin and banjo.  Hillman possesses a voice that captures a jazzy modern style, easy to listen to and to enjoy.

Hillman will be joined by rhythm guitarist & vocalist Michael Lewis (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), and his wife Jan DeCosmo, back-up singer who plays the frottoir (washboard/rubboard used in the Zydeco music of Southwest Louisiana).  Jan and Mike got together after they discovered how they loved the same music.  She told him that she would be his back-up singer forever if he would have her, and he said yes.  Marriage was soon to follow.

The fourth musician, Lauren Mullinax, plays guitar and cello.  When she was in 6th grade, she fell in love with the theme of the film, Jaws, and decided she had to play that theme.  She started out on piano, and then progressed to the cello.  A unique player, she performs styles of music on the cello that are not often heard on that instrument, like the blues.  She writes music, sings, and performs solo as well as with groups.



While less well known, the covers chosen by the band are danceable and sound both pleasing and familiar to those listening.  Listen to Rachel’s and Mike’s originals by clicking on “Music,” where you can also find a cover of Junior Wells’ “Little by Little.”