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Date: Sun 13th
Time: 7:00pm

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Dezerter is a punk rock group, formed in Warsaw, in May 1981. The band was originally called SS-20 (it was the name of Soviet ballistic missiles), for that reason the group was forced to change its name during Martial Law. After re-naming, Dezerter recorded an EP „Ku przyszłości” [“To The Future, 1983]. In 1985 two various compilation records featured Dezerter songs: „Fala” [“Wave”] and „Jak punk to punk” [“Let’s Have Punk”]. In 1987 Dezerter’s first LP album appeared in the United States, published by Maximum Rock’n’Roll, called „Underground Out Of Poland”, in Poland another album was issued too (in censored version) – „Kolaboracja” [“Collaboration”]. In 1989 there was yet another album – „Kolaboracja II” [“Collaboration ll”], and in 1990 „Wszyscy przeciwko wszystkim” [“All Against All”; published in Poland and France], followed by a two month tour of Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands) and Japan.

Future years brought important albums for Polish independent scene, including „Blasfemia” [“Blasphemy”, 1992], „Ile procent duszy?” [“How Many Percent of The Soul?”, 1994], „Mam kły mam pazury” [“I Have Fangs I Have Claws”, 1996], „Ziemia jest płaska” [“The Earth is Flat”, 1997]. In 21st century three studio albums appeared: „Nielegalny zabójca czasu” [“Illegal Time Killer”, 2004]; „Prawo do bycia idiotą” [“The Right To Be An Idiot”, 2010], which was favourably received not only by fans, but by the music industry too, winning the Fryderyk Award in 2010; and „Większy zjada mniejszego” [“The Big Eats The Small, 2014]. In 2016, after 33 years, the original EP „Ku przyszłości” [“To The Future”] was re-issued. In 2019 the EP “Nienawiść 100%” [“Hate 100%”] was released.

The band actively performs in Poland and many European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Finland) and in the United States.

Post scriptum
Throughout the years Dezerter’s songs appeared on many compilations and were used as soundtrack for several movies (including „Wałęsa. Człowiek z nadziei” [“Walesa. Man of Hope”] directed by A. Wajda and „Dom zły” [“Ominous House”] directed by W. Smarzowski).
In 1994 Paweł „Konjo” Konnak featured the Dezerters as the protagonists of his documentary film „Nie ma zagrożenia” [“There Is No Threat”].
In 2006 an album „Nie ma zagrożenia, jest Dezerter” [„There Is No Threat, There Is Dezerter”] was published, featuring Dezerter songs covered by several dozen different bands.

Dezerter band members:
Robert Matera – guitar, vocal
Krzysiek Grabowski – drums, lyrics
Jacek Chrzanowski – bass

Dezerter online:

Polish anarcho punk band. The original name is Hairy Vacuum. Currently, Jeż (bass guitar, vocals), Skoda – (guitar, vocals), Dydas – (guitar, vocals), Billy (drums), Grab (singing) and Wichru (literary aid). They were established in Szczecin in 1987, where they gave their first concert in May this year.