Open till 2am
7 nights a week

Hank & Ray

Hank & Ray

Date: Mon 04th
Time: 11:50pm
€0.00 Free Gig
Crane Lane Theatre Phoenix Street, Cork City, Cork, Ireland +353 (0)21 427 8487

Hank & Ray Bio:


One of Cork’s finest and longest running sessions has been the Hank & Ray session held every Monday night in Charlies Bar on Union Quay Cork City North Americana, Latin American melodies,

Rock & Roll, Bluegrass and Folk remain the foundations of the session but on the structure is an open house where many people have

joined in, singing along or simply soaking it all in.

Hank Wedel and Ray Barron, full time musicians their whole lives have busked around Europe, toured the worldwith their respective bands “Princes Street” and “Open Kitchen”,

(Hank Wedel);”Bone Idol”, “Two Time Polka”

(Ray Barron) and somehow they both managed to make it back most Mondays as a constant in a particular corner of a bar on a quay in Cork…

The beauty of the session is that you can never be sure what will happen whilst Ray plays his mandolin and Hank plays guitar and sings as they pull songs from their never ending setlist.

The guests have had included John Spillane, Mick Flannery,

Johnny Moynihan, Ron Kavana Mary Greene, Eileen Healy, Eleanor Healy, Anna Mitchell Elly O’Keefe, Clare Sands and Declan Sinnott; Also countless touring musicians like New York’s Tom Clark

and Craig Chesler, Nashville’s Roni Stoneman Amsterdam’s Andre Van der Hoff and France’s Serge Desaunay… and pretty much every Cork based up and coming musician since 1994…

It took the declaration of a global pandemic in 2020

to quell the session When the insanity of that event

has subsided, all going well, you’ll see the reemergence of Charlie’s on a Monday night…