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The Dagenham Yanks

The Dagenham Yanks

Date: Mon 10th
Time: 11:50pm
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Crane Lane Theatre Phoenix Street, Cork City, Cork, Ireland +353 (0)21 427 8487

Cork-based band The Dagenham Yanks have been very busy since they emerged from obscurity in 2018. The prolific song-writing of singer Mark O’Sullivan has seen the band build a set of original songs that have sparked fierce enthusiasm in audiences at live gigs as well as the release of several singles and an album in that time.

The songs are cerebral, witty and joyous, even when dealing with darker themes. The band are energetic and overwhelmingly positive – Mark sings about fear and loneliness and the audience dances! He is celebrating triumph over adversity in every song.

With the accompanying voices of Taly Murphy and Tanya Adamson, the songs are elevated beyond the scope of a single male singer. The girls, taking centre stage with Mark, bring Abbaesque harmonies and a dash of B52s quirkiness to their sound.

The Yanks released their debut album ‘Trance-Substantiation’ in August 2020. The record, originally on vinyl only, was launched at two sell-out gigs in The Kino Cork and is stocked in record shops through- out the country. Since then, the band have been busy writing and recording new material. They subsequently released three singles with their current song ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are’ receiving radio airplay nationally. (Video:

A second album is planned for late 2021 and the band are revving their engines and eager to get gigging in front of live audiences again.


‘Trance-substantiation’ is an absolute gem of an album. A refreshing piece of intelligent indie rock. A collection of genius songs performed to the very highest level. Mod and punk attitude, surrealism, glitz and soaring vocals. A thinking person’s bop.

The Echo (Cork)